Swedish Language Learning and Swedish Summer House

Teaching Swedish

Swedish Language Classes

If you would like to learn Swedish, University of Southampton offers part time evening courses. These courses have certified credit transcript providing you with official evidence of your achievment. Alternatively if you would have private tuition I sometimes offer lessons at my home.

For more information, contact Dr Ian McCall at University of Southampton on: idm@soton.ac.uk. or me on: barbro.fitzjohn@btopenworld.com.

Swedish Summer House

Deep in the country side of Sweden, where time almost stood still, is the beautiful Godebrunn lake (Good Well lake). You can rent a traditional, charming and secluded farmhouse in this idyllic enviroment. Ideal for family holidays with fishing,swimming and bird watching as well as hiking, wild flower, mushroom and berry picking.

For more details visit Godebrunn website.