The Red Thread

What is the Red Thread?

Hold on to the Red Thread is a proverb in Swedish folk culture. It conveys the meaning of keeping your wits about you whilst holding on to your dreams, and it can perhaps be interpreted as a lifeline where you stay in touch with your roots.

I grew up in Dalarna in Sweden, a county steeped in artistic folk culture. Now based in Britain I have developed these skills and adapted them to urban living.

During 2000- 2004 I studied at Winchester School Art and specialised in digital media, but after the degree my yearning returned to making art work like paintings and baskets.

As a native Swede I enjoy running workshops in basket and mirror making, and teaching the Swedish language to classes and individuals.

Alongside this I can also offer the lovely possibility of staying in a charming traditional farm house next to a beautiful lake in Godebrunn in Southern Sweden.

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